Jongdae’s Thunder bodyrolls+general grease in Shanghai

get to know me: 5 male groups [ 1 / 5 ]

B 1 A 4
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tao’s badass random rap in both english and chinese during the ending talk in TLP in Changsa 14/07/27 [vid]

listen to my freestyle~

有人骂我制造谣言 想让我伤心 失去自信

(haters insulting me and spreading rumors to make me sad and unconfident)

don’t be naive~ this is my life

and i’m fine!

我不会就这样轻易的 go die huh

(i will not easily go die like this huh)

your life is loser

so don’t waste your time on making rumors

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Diamond - Infinite

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[ENG] 140721 One Fine Day (Episode 1 - part 1 | part 2)
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